What is THE XpressHUB

Not all enrollment platforms are created equal. Many don't cater to clients with a fewer number of employees. Well, now we do! THEXpressHUB gives even your small group clients all of the advantages of the THEbenefitsHUB. Plan Administrators will be able to manage their benefit offering electronically while employees will enjoy the ease and convenience of enrolling online. Not only that, but the system can be implemented in as little as 72 hours!

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What Does It Do?

Provides an online platform for benefits administration;

Allows employees to enroll in their benefits electronically;

Integrates with most payroll systems for cohesive employee and payroll management;

Offers an Evidence of Insurability tracker;

Includes both standardized and customized reporting options; and

Utilizes EDI for seamless and secure communication

THEXpressHUB is a ground-breaking system designed specifically with your small group clients in mind. Now groups with as little as 10 eligible employees can enjoy all the perks of THEbenefitsHUB.

Keep checking back to learn more details on the system as it develops.

What's In It For You?

THEXpressHUB, along with any of our other upselling products, prepares you to provide that little something extra and to go that extra mile. Not only will your clients enjoy the best benefit offering, but they can also experience the convenience and ease of the future of employee benefits.