Brokers and Administrators will be able to manage all aspects of their employee benefit programs with THEbenefitsHUB. Administrators will enjoy how the system dramatically reduces administrative burdens by eliminating the need to verify and validate enrollment information, calculate premiums and figure payroll deductions.

What's In It For the Administrators?

Managing employees and their benefit information has never been easier. Brokers and Administrators will always have current demographic data as employees have access to update or change their data at any time throughout the year.

There's Payroll Integration

THEbenefitsHUB will integrate with most payroll, human resources and insurance carrier systems. Files are sent electronically and securely, eliminating the need to use multiple platforms for employee management.

There are plan administrator tools

Stacked with a wide range of reporting functions, administrators will be able to pull data with just the click of a button. These reports eliminate the time-consuming process of carrier billing reconciliation or compiling a census. Reports can be downloaded and saved to a computer hard drive in a multitude of formats such as PDF, CSV, HTML or Excel.

There are documented transactions

Every transaction within the system is recorded and time stamped, allowing the plan administrator to easily view a history of transactions made in the system. Should coverage be terminated, administrators will be able to see who terminated the coverage and when the termination was done.


Payroll integration, reporting tools and documented transactions aren’t the only conveniences of the system. Brokers and administrators will also have access to:

Evidence of Insurability tracking;

Employees’ enrollment progress throughout annual enrollment;

Employee management tools that allow employees to either be added to the system, edited or terminated; and

Optional FTP access that offers single sign-on functionality and security.

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