Data Transmission

THEbenefitsHUB possesses the ability to transmit data electronically between your clients, the carrier and the MGM Benefits Technology team. You can rest assured that transmission meets all HIPAA and security standards. THEbenefitsHUB utilize EDI, or Electronic Data Interchange, technology to seamlessly and securely transmit important data quickly and efficiently.

What is EDI?

Simply put, EDI is a method for transferring data without human intervention. It enables a computer system from one company to “talk” to the computer system from another company, thus allowing the two to digitally exchange data seamlessly and securely.


Are There Different Types of EDI?

While there are many different types of files that can constitute as EDI and the file formats may differ from carrier to carrier, MGM simply separates them into just two categories: Standard and Custom EDI Files.

Standard EDI File

Through many years of service, MGM’s Benefit Technology team has already set up a multitude of EDI templates that have been thoroughly tested with a variety of insurance carriers. These files are our standard EDI files. They are what is typically included in THEbenefitsHUB package.

Customized EDI File

However, in the event that a client or carrier wants anything different than what is standardly available, these files are looked at as custom. Custom EDI Files can slow the implementation process of the system as they are custom built and will need to be thoroughly tested. As a result, if requested, additional charges for a custom EDI file may apply.

ThebenefitsHub Offers...

Deliverance of data feed information without requiring additional software purchases;

Direct data feeds exchanges to insurance carriers and a variety of payroll systems;

Downloadable enrollment data to either PDF, CSV, HTML or other formats such as Microsoft Excel; and

Customizable report capabilities to make data transfers and premium remittance best fit your carrier needs.