Here at MGM Benefits Group, we want to promote benefit education. We’re committed to helping you and your clients understand the difference between benefits and how to determine which products will work the best in their benefit offering. Our goal is to ultimately empower your clients and their employees to make informed benefit decisions to best suit their needs.

Why Is Education So Important?

Now more than ever, employees value their benefits. It’s proven that an employee’s understanding of their benefits package contributes to job satisfaction, longevity and loyalty.

We Promote Educational Marketing Campaigns

Coming in the form of a visually appealing email, MGM is prepared to offer extensive details on a variety of products to your clients and their employees. These emails can be sent either directly from MGM, or they can be forwarded to the administrator to distribute among their employees.

We Issue Brochures and Highlight Sheets

Product brochures and highlight sheets will break down your client’s specific plans. They are typically provided during enrollment so employees can make informed decisions based on the product’s entire plan design. Electronic brochures and highlight sheets are also available to employee during their THEbenefitsHUB walkthrough.

Education Materials

And Then There Are Our Educational Product Videos

Comprised of its own product entirely, our educational videos typically accompany our other products such as benefits 24/7, THEbenefitsHUB or THEXpressHUB. However, we do have the ability to provide them separately. Currently, our growing video library consists of the following:


Dental - DHMO & DPPO

Healthcare Savings Account

Permanent Life


Dental - Discount Plans

Hospital Indemnity

Short Term Disability

Basic Life

Dental - DPPO

Long Term Care



Dependent Care FSA

Long Term Disability

Vision - Discount Plans


Educator Disability

Medical Gap Insurance

Voluntary Term Life

Critical Illness

Flexible Spending Accounts

Open Enrollment

Still Curious About Our Videos?

MGM Video Packages