THEbenefitsHUB promises quick and efficient enrollment for employees. While they will have the ability to enroll from anywhere, our partnered brokers can also continue to meet with individuals one-on-one. The system will still serve as an efficiency tool, allowing brokers to see many more employees in a shorter span of time.

What's In It For The Employees?

Your clients and their employees will enjoy enrollment without the hassle and confusion of paper. They’ll be able to easily understand their benefit package and the products being offered to them.


The system has intuitive features to help employees understand their benefit offering and guide them through the benefit election process. It can understand each employee’s enrollment, issuing election options based on their eligibility or when there is a life event such as a marriage or birth of a child.

It's Easy to Use

The system is easy to understand, comprised of a linear enrollment walkthrough for employees. Benefits are stated clearly, electing is as simple as picking from a drop down menu and moving to the next product takes just a click.

It's Efficient

Enrollment has become quick and convenient with THEbenefitsHUB. Users are able to quickly enroll, change or waive coverage with just the click of a mouse.


Additional Enrollment Features

Employees aren’t only going to enjoy the ease of their enrollment within THEbenefitsHUB, they also enjoy these key features:

Employees will have immediate access to electronic sales brochures and highlight summaries;

Videos are located throughout the walkthrough to help employees understand the basic components of a product; and

Following the completion of their enrollment, employees will be able to email or print their completion confirmation.

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