Maintaining security when communicating sensitive information or transmitting data is at the utmost importance to us. As a company, we strive to maintain compliance and security in all of our endeavors. Not only do we place an expectation on ourselves, we also ensure our hardware, software architecture and application exceed the rigorous standards imposed by HIPAA regulations. Our goal is to always meet and exceed your clients and your expectations.

How Do We Maintain Security?

Whether we are sending or receiving data, we always make sure that sensitive information is encrypted and sent securely. With THEbenefitsHUB, we can also provide you with a platform to do the same.

We Take Your Data Seriously

MGM takes maintaining your client’s data and personal health information (PHI) seriously, always going that extra mile to ensure constant security. THEbenefitsHUB is kept current with the changing needs of the employee benefits industry. You can rest assured that system redundancy, network reliability and disaster recovery plans are all key components in maintaining security and reliability within the system.

We Provide a Way for You to Send and Receive Secure Data

As an additional optional feature to THEbenefitsHUB, MGM’s Benefit Technology team can activate their secure FTP feature. With single sign-on access, both you and your clients would be able to communicate securely through FTP. Data can be sent to carriers or our Benefits Technology team while always being kept safe.

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We're SSAE16 Certified

To become certified, a company must meet regulations set by the Auditing Standards Board (ASB) of the American Institute of Certified Public Accountants (AICPA). These standards dictate that a company who is providing a product or service that may be relevant to internal control over financial reporting to another company must meet and exceed this designated checklist.

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